Tacodeli Online Ordering - FAQPage

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General Questions

How do I tell if I successfully placed my order and it has been received in the restaurant?
All orders will return a confirmation and receipt e-mail to the customer once they have successfully applied payment, and then most importantly click the 'Complete Order' button. If the Complete Order button has not been clicked - the order will never reach the store - having never been completed and submitted. 

What do I do if I don't receive an order confirmation / receipt via e-mail?
1. Check to be sure you clicked the complete order button and are now seeing a screen thanking you for placing your order with an expected pick up time and date.

2. Check your Spam or Junk folders for any missing receipts. You may also contact the store via phone to verify the order successfully was placed.

3. Reach out to the restaurant location and verify the order is showing up in their system.

Do I have the option to pay at the site instead of paying online at the time of the order?
All orders must be paid for Online via Credit Card - prior to placement. If you wish to present an alternate method of payment (such as cash) - you may do so at the To Go counter at the time of order pickup. Simply alert our counter server you wish to change the method of payment for your online order.

Is the Catering Menu Available for Online Orders?
Unfortunately we cannot process catering orders online.  Please call your store for catering orders so that we may best accommodate your needs.

Can I order Gift Cards Online?
Yes! Click Here to visit our Online Gift Card Store.

Group Order by Invitation Questions

What is Group Order by Invitation?
Group Order by Invitation is an online ordering method designed to simplify compilation and placement of orders for large parties, groups or office by a single organizer. The planner/organizer or meal coordinator is able to invite multiple parties from their office, or event by e-mail to place their own meal order. 

The planner can select the date and time for the order completion - and is able to adjust any missing or incorrect meals for any attendee at any time before the order is sent. 

Once all participants have placed their order - the group organizer is able to adjust orders for any attendee or even add items for those who may not have responded. Once this step is complete the organizer will 'build' the order and submit it to the restaurant - with a single form of payment. 

Can I use multiple methods of payment for a Group Order?
At this time - not online. A single Credit Card is required in order to submit the order to the restaurant.
However, once you arrive to pick up your order at your favorite Tacodeli location you will be able to ask the staff/management to change your payment information prior to closing out the transaction. 
* Please note if you intend to change payment methods the original method of payment may still show as pending for the original value for 5-7 days depending on your bank policy.

Is there a limit to the number of attendees that I can invite when using Group Order by Invitation?
Yes - the current limit is 8.